Friday, September 27, 2013

Top 11 Awesome Google Tricks

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On the occasion of 15th Birthday of Google, I would like to share some secrets of Google. That is called Easter Eggs.
These are some Mind Blowing Tricks on google that will roll you out.

Google Barrel Roll

Google Barrel Roll

Searching for "do a barrel roll" at Google or for "z or r twice" produces a dynamically spinning view of the search site.

Google Off Kilter

Google Off Kilter

A Google search for “tilt” or “askew” yields an appropriately off-kilter view of the search site.

Google 42 Search

Google 42 Search

Ask Google the answer to the question of life, the universe, and everything and, in a tribute to "A Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy," you'll get the number 42.

Google Gravity Search

Google Gravity

The Google Gravity chrome experiment by Mr. Doob is amusing--especially since the search page still works, with new search results piling up.

Google Blue Moon Search

Blue Moon

How often does the world experience a blue moon? Google Calculator results in Google search knows and will tell you.

Google Pirate Interface

Google Pirate

Buccaneers or those sailing under a letter of marque might feel more comfortable with Google's Pirate interface. There's one for the Muppets' Swedish Chef, too.

Google Hacker Interface

Google Hacker

Want to experience Google through a l33t interface? Try the Google Hacker page.

Self-Absorbed LMGTFY

Let Me Google That For You

This isn't a Google Easter egg, and maybe isn't even an Easter egg at all. Instead it's with the sarcasm-laden Let Me Google That For You site, which people can use when others ask them silly questions easily answered with a search engine. This particular cached LMGTFY page, though, sets things off in an unending loop of reloading.



It’ll show an aluminium pole running down on the left side of the search results in recognition to the holiday “Festivus”. Also, before the number of search results, there is “A festivus miracle!”

Zerg Rush

Zerg Rush

This one is one of my favourites from Google search! Searching for “zerg rush” will display the results page with ‘O’s attacking the search results from all the directions! Clicking each ‘O’ three times will kill it. You have to kill all the ‘O’s and save the search results from getting destroyed! (LOL)

Atari Breakout

Atari Breakout

The page will bring up the standard results of images relating to that term. Once the page loads completely, the images then automatically shrink and colorize to resemble the squares in the famous Atari video game “Brick Breaker.”

 So these are the most awesome tricks. Don't forget play candy game on Google Doodle. Enjoy!

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